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Approval of Credits


  1. Fill out corresponding „recognition list” on the computer, send transcripts (scan) via e-mail to stefanie.yu@univie.ac.at 
  2. Please make an appointment with Mrs.  Stefanie YU  to check and submit the original transcripts
  3. The StudienServiceStelle (SSS) will contact you via e-mail once your certificate of recognition is ready and available for pick-up!

In order to graduate, all courses and exams, as intended by the curriculum, need to be completed successfully. Under these circumstances the corresponding documents can be submitted at the StudienServiceCenter at any time. Please note, that the examination record (Prüfungspass) needs to be confirmed by the StudienServiceStelle beforehand!


1.    Fill out examination record (marked yellow) corresponding to your choice of East Asian language and send the word file per e-mail to  stefanie.yu@univie.ac.at 

o    Examination record Chinese

o    Examination record Japanese

o    Examination record Korean

2.    If applicable submit certificates of approval of credits at the secretariat

3.    The StudienServiceStelle (SSS) will contact you via e-mail once your examination record is ready and available for pick-up!

Incomplete applications will not be processed!

The processing might take up to 8 weeks, please submit applications on time!

Please note, that due to organisational reasons no information can be provided concerning the progress of your application!

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